Crazy about Burlap

Whether you call it Burlap or Hessian, you can’ t find a more useful and versatile fabric. Burlap has an earthy and rustic quality to it that adds a special charm to any project.

And the best part about Burlap is it is often free! No more outlay at the fabric store for some fancy cotton print, just a visit to your local farmer or food producer should yield an abundance of cloth to keep even the keenest sewer or crafter busy for ages. And what’s more, by utilising this by-product of the food industry you are actually helping the environment by recycling an otherwise often discarded product.

Burlap Wrapped Candles for decoration at food buffet and then also functioned as a lovely Shower Favour !

In this blog we will explore the many and varied uses for Burlap for sewers and crafters everywhere. I will share with free sewing patterns and free craft project instructions for sewing and crafting with Burlap. And in time maybe, you too will become as crazy about Burlap as I am.

So to begin I think about the most recent occasion I used Burlap for a craft project. I had a Baby Shower, for my now 4 week old son, Harry. Along with preparing lots of scrumptious food for my guests to indulge in, I wanted a small favour for them to take home with them as a thank you and also to celebrate the new life coming into the world. So I came up with these charming burlap wrapped candles, that looked charming decorating the food buffet but then also functioned as a lovely Shower Favour. I’ll post full step by step instructions on how to make these Burlap candle favours tomorrow.

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