Burlap for Retail Displays

It’s school holiday time and last week we were fortunate enough to take the whole family to tropical Far North Queensland. The kids had a fabulous time Go Karting, going on the Skyrail and Kuranda Steam Train. We even went to Paronella Park where you can walk around the ruins of an early 20th century Spanish castle. A magical place and a must see if you are in the area.

Anyway, whilst browsing the gift shop I noticed the most delightful retail display for the local Cairns Highlands Coffee Company. They had a custom printed Burlap Sack hung from the ceiling and then  a charming display of some coffee beans in a sack next to a coffee grinder. It was so simple and yet so effective. I felt connected to the heritage of the beans immediately.
I also saw this similar display for the same company later that week in a small gift shop in Kuranda.
I think this company demonstrates a clear brand strategy of attempting to connect the consumer to the rural heritage of the beans and thus reinforce their authenticity. It’s a lovely way to engage the customer and gain the attention of the consumer at the point of sale. It looked lovely and just shows how versatile burlap is, and how effective it is at conjouring up an earthy, rustic feeling. Burlap can bring this same quality to any of your crafting and sewing projects as well.
So if you are in the retail industry and have the opporutnity to connect any of your products to their roots by using Burlap, seriously consider using it in your store for an eye catching and authentic display.

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