Inspiration all around – inspiring ideas for using burlap

Love, Love, Love this cushion!

It seems retail therapy is the flavour of the month this month. I think with the kids on school holidays I actually have some time (even though it is usually 5 minutes with a bribe to the video store to follow) to visit all the beautiful homewares stores we are lucky to have in Noosa.

Last week I popped into Eclectic Style in Noosaville and was surprised to find a large range of Burlap items scattered through their shelves. It appears that Burlap is more in fashion 
than ever. A return to a simple design aesthetic has increased the popularity of Burlap in recent years particularly in the home decoration area.

Anyway here are a few of the treasures I came across.

Twine Balls – ohh it’s the simple things in life

Burlap always looks so comforting. It’s organic character seems to add dimensions to even the most basic design.

Herringbone and Hessian – Bliss!
Burlap and it’s cousin jute

An interior decorated with Burlap will always have such charm!

This would make an awesome toy box for the living room

So much inspiration, so little time!

Love the extra border on this cushion
Finally the perfect Beach Bag!

No doubt these ideas will filter through my brain and come out over the next few months as sewing projects. So stay tuned! Or if you can’t wait pop into Eclectic Style in Thomas St Noosaville to pick up a few Burlap treasures of your own!

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