Strawberry Basket the Prefect table centrepiece

Strawberry Burlap Basket

The boys have been begging me to go to the local Strawberry Farm to pick their own strawberries. We went last year and they had such a great time, they have been waiting patiently for strawberry season to start. 

This way!

So Sunday morning (the first picking weekend of the season) we headed off to Eumundi Strawberries for a spot of hunting and gathering.

The boys on the Hunt!

The boys were very proud of their loot and keen to show it off. Later that day we had been invited to an early dinner, so I thought the perfect thank you gift for our hostess would be a Burlap Basket of hand picked Strawberries.

Strawberry fields forever!

It took about 5 minutes to make, and once filled with the mornings gatherings looked simply stunning. We took it with us and presented to our hostess who put it in the center of the table for dinner. It looked splendid and what’s more provided a healthy treat for the kids after dinner (by the time we left the basket was empty!).

So a quick how to for the perfect hostess gift and table centerpiece:

1. Cut a rectangle of Burlap 16 inches by 8 inches.

Cut to size

2. Fold over each short end (right sides together) 1cm and stitch with a zigzag stitch to secure.

Fold over each short end and stitch in place

3. Fold rectangle in half and stitch down each side (leaving hemmed short side open). Be sure to use a zigzag stitch to minimise fraying later.

4. Now flatten out the side seam and stitch across the base on the diagonal (see photo for description), about 3 cm from corner at widest point. Again use a zigzag stitch and then again with a straight stitch inside zigzag closest to the bag centre. Cut off corner near zigzag line.

Sew across corners

Cut of the ends

5. Repeat step 4 on other side of bag.
6. Turn bag right side out.
7. Roll down top of bag twice.
8. Fill with strawberries! (Or any other home grown or hand picked fruit).

The perfect hostess gift and table centrepiece.

This makes a beautiful table centerpiece for a Sunday lunch – with the strawberries also functioning as dessert. It would also make a great Christmas center piece filled with cherries or plums too.

So easy, so cheap and so effective. You’ve gotta love Burlap!

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