The Perfect Sewing Chair

I recently discovered the perfect little sewing chair covered in Burlap! Shelley over at recovered this old sewing chair using Burlap Sacks.

Isn’t this just stunning? To see the step by step TUTORIAL follow this link. I am inspired now, I will see old chairs in the thrift store in a whole new light!

Would love to see what other things you’ve covered in Burlap. Feel free to share in the comments.

DIY tutorial for Jute Webbing Flowers

Here is the DIY tutorial I promised on how to make a Jute webbing Rose. 

Sewing the roses out of webbing means it’s quick and simple as there is no fraying to worry about. I used about 50cm of webbing to make this one flower, so it is also economical.

It’s easier to show you than explain it, so I have attached the video link below.


These Webbing Roses are easy to make and are perfect for embellishing your Burlap Projects. I have used them on the Silverware Caddy but you could also use them as part of a Burlap Wedding Bouquet.

Silverware Caddy Tutorial

I recently stopped by the lovely Mary Beth’s Blog Cupcakes and Crinoline. She had created the most delightful Silverware Caddy. 

Mary Beth lined a metal tub with some Burlap to safely store her Silverware in. I just fell in love immediately. To get the low down on how to create your own follow this link to her tutorial.

Inspired by her tutorial I set out to create my own.

 I thought it would be just perfect to store on the kitchen bench near the dishwasher. After each load just refill the tub with cutlery, and then at mealtimes for casual family dining just take the whole tub and put in the centre of the table so everyone can choose their own. It’s pretty enough to actually make the table look better, and it’s easier for Mum (gotta love that!).

So here’s how I went….

I couldn’t find my metal tubs, but I did have an old stone vase. I made my decorative flowers from cream jute webbing.

It was such a quick craft and I think a really practical one. We just keep it in the middle of the dining table so everyone can help themselves at each meal.

P.S. I will feature a how to on the flowers on my next post, as they are easier to show by demonstrating so I have put a little video together as a how to – just need to upload.