Burlap Doily Bunting

A great tutorial on a really easy to making Burlap Bunting.Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane blog have created the most darling Burlap Bunting I have ever seen. I just had to share it with you. I wish I had a little girls room to decorate….

Pop on over to Lolly Jane to get the full details on the ‘how to’ create this really sweet bunting. It’s really simple but oh so effective. Be sure to browse around whilst your there, these ladies are really talented!

Whilst I was there I noticed they have also created a special St Patricks Day bunting!

I think by combing the technique of the doily bunting with the design of the St Patricks Day one, you would end up with the perfect St Patricks Day decoration. So with St Patricks Day just around the corner on March 17th, this could be the perfect St Patricks Day craft to create a very simple but effective St Patricks Day decorations. I think I’ve found my St Patricks Day decoration for 2013.

I will post my results shortly.

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