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Baby Smash Cake Photo Shoot using Burlap as a Photo Backdrop

So April is birthday month in our house. Three out of five of us celebrate our birthdays in April (I’m not one of them), so that means plenty of parties and cake, and planning for me!Harry was turning one and we wanted to make it a special occasion, so we gave him a smash cake.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Smash Cake trend, you basically make a beautiful cake for your baby and then let them ‘Smash it’ to pieces whilst you stand by photographing each candid moment! My seven year old was horrified that we would ‘waste cake’ like that! But as I explained to him, it’s not like a one year old really gets to eat the cake so this was a way for Harry to enjoy his birthday in a one year old kind of way.

I made him a chocolate cake with vanilla icing (looks better in the pictures than chocolate!), topped with blueberries, some blue fairy floss, a paper number 1 and a balloon.

We set the stage on the back deck and I needed a backdrop for the shoot. As Burlap abounds in our house, I had just purchased 5 metres of Burlap, which was perfect for the backdrop. I draped it over the deck handrail and down onto the floor and then positioned the cake on top.

The Burlap worked really well as a back drop. It was cost effective, reflected and diffused the natural light really well, and best of all easy to clean with just a hose off. It also provided a really neutral background which allowed the baby and the cake to be the feature in the photos rather than backdrop. I think it would really well in a number of settings. You could use it for weddings or family photos when the photo is about the subjects rather than the location.

Here’s how the shoot turned out.

Harry is actually a bit of a neat freak and once he felt the icing on his hands he didn’t want to touch it again and was more interested in the balloon, but I think he had a great time anyway, and we have some lovely keepsake photos.

How to: Baby Shower Favour, Burlap wrapped Candle

As promised here’s the ‘How to’ for the Burlap Wrapped Candle I used as a baby Shower Favour for my son’s Baby Shower.

I knew I was having a Boy, but if you didn’t know whether it was a boy or girl you could just use white or yellow or green ribbon instead. And of course, if you know your having a girl then use Pink ribbon.

For the full how to press read more bellow or view our youtube video:

You will need:

Candles (I bought mine from the dollar store for $3 each)
Ribbon (enough to go round each candle, I used 1/2 inch wide ribbon)
Burlap (again enough to go round each candle)
Dress Pin
Diaper Pin

1. Measure the circumference of your candle and add 1 inch to the measurement.

2. Cut your ribbon to the final length as calculated in step 1.

3. Cut your Burlap into a strip same length as calculated in step 1, and wide enough to show on each side of your ribbon. So in my case I cut mine 1 inch wide, which allowed it to show half an inch on each side of my 1/2 inch wide ribbon.

4. Lay the ribbon on top of the Burlap and wrap it around the centre of the candle.

5. When you get back to where you started, Fold the ribbon and Burlap under 1/2 inch to neaten the edge and lay it down to overlap the start point.

6. Slowly push in the pin to secure in place. If you candle is thin, push the pin in on an angle to ensure it doesn’t poke out the other side.

7. On the opposite side to your dress pin, attach the diaper pin to the ribbon. And trim any loose Burlap threads.

Voila! The perfect ‘Make your Own’ baby shower favour for under $3.50 each. Budget friendly and beautiful.

My guests decided they would all light theirs the day he arrived to celebrate his arrival into the world – which was a lovely idea that all these candles would be burning at the same time to celebrate Harry’s arrival!

If you would like to watch a video with Step by Step Instructions on how to create your own Burlap Wrapped Candle click on this link:

You’ve gotta love Burlap!

Crazy about Burlap

Whether you call it Burlap or Hessian, you can’ t find a more useful and versatile fabric. Burlap has an earthy and rustic quality to it that adds a special charm to any project.

And the best part about Burlap is it is often free! No more outlay at the fabric store for some fancy cotton print, just a visit to your local farmer or food producer should yield an abundance of cloth to keep even the keenest sewer or crafter busy for ages. And what’s more, by utilising this by-product of the food industry you are actually helping the environment by recycling an otherwise often discarded product.

Burlap Wrapped Candles for decoration at food buffet and then also functioned as a lovely Shower Favour !

In this blog we will explore the many and varied uses for Burlap for sewers and crafters everywhere. I will share with free sewing patterns and free craft project instructions for sewing and crafting with Burlap. And in time maybe, you too will become as crazy about Burlap as I am.

So to begin I think about the most recent occasion I used Burlap for a craft project. I had a Baby Shower, for my now 4 week old son, Harry. Along with preparing lots of scrumptious food for my guests to indulge in, I wanted a small favour for them to take home with them as a thank you and also to celebrate the new life coming into the world. So I came up with these charming burlap wrapped candles, that looked charming decorating the food buffet but then also functioned as a lovely Shower Favour. I’ll post full step by step instructions on how to make these Burlap candle favours tomorrow.