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Secret Santa Gifts that Kids Can Make themselves

My son’s Year 2 teacher this year decided the class would do a Secret Santa, but with a twist. The kids had to make their gifts. There was to be a boys gift and a girls gift. Boys make for boys, girls make for girls and then it would be lucky dip on the last day of school.The lucky dip bit threw me a bit – it was hard to know what to make when you didn’t know who would be getting it. So I figured the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so let’s bake something.

It was also a project I knew my son could be involved in. So we baked some simple vanilla cookies and before baking studded them with red and green M&M’s. We then baked them, and once cooled pack them in a plastic bag tied with ribbon. It was an easy and effective gift that the recipient loved! We also packed up the leftover ones and gave them out to all the boys’ cousins.

Next I’ll show you some simple Teacher’s Gifts.

Easy Christmas Gifts that kids can make for their friends

Every year my kids love to write Christmas Cards to all the friends in their class. Most kids also include a candy cane or chocolate santa in with their cards. This year with two boys at school we need 52 gifts to make sure every child in each class got one.

So I decided to do something a bit different. My son had learnt at school how to make his own sherbet. So we set about making green and red sherbet. If you need a sherbet recipe click here.

We then packaged the sherbet into tiny clip seal plastic bags and included a green or red lollipop for dipping! We tied the whole lot together in a plastic bag with ribbon and attached a mailing label to each one.

On the mailing labels we decorated one side with washi tape and the other side I print out little messages to stick on each one. The message read:


Here’s some Yummy Elf Dust,
To spread the Christmas Cheer,
And say thank you for being my friend,
Throughout our first Prep year.
(or other variation “throughout our Year 2 year”)


Love from Charlie.

This was a really simple gift, but was much more personal than store bought cards and candy canes.

Next time I’ll show you an easy Secret Santa gift.

Burlap Bag Lady at the Brisbane Craft Fair Christmas Gift Workshop

The Brisbane Craft Fair starts next weekend, and I am so excited to have a stand there! The fair runs from Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th of October at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

I will be running a free workshop at 1.30pm everyday in Workshop Room 4 and I would like to invite you all to attend.

Easy Christmas Gifts to make in 10 minutes or less
Learn how easy it is to make your own Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family. You will learn 3 easy gifts that you can make in under 10 minutes each, that look fabulous and are very budget friendly! One general craft and two easy sewing projects. Includes free online pattern sheet. Never be stuck for a gift again!
Here is a sneak peak of one of the projects I’ll be showing you:
So if you are visiting the fair be sure to stop past and say hello, and if you have time come to the workshop. After all Christmas is fast approaching and it’s always handy to have some extra gifts on hand.
I will also be selling my beginner sewing patterns at the fair. We will be running great deals on a 10 pack CD of themed patterns e.g. gifts, baby, travel Visit me at Stand F18 The Handmade Swap to find some great deals.

Entries for the Royal Show

Tis that time of year again in Brisbane when the Ekka comes to town. The Ekka is the Agricultural Show when ‘country comes to the city’. It’s also the most competitive show in the State for Crafters. This year I’ve opted to enter three categories:

  • Funky Fabrics and Wearable Art
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Childrens Toy
And for once, I’m actually somewhat organised.
So I thought I would share with you what I am making. The first is the Christmas decorations. Given many people celebrate ‘Christmas in July’ now is a good time to share with you my Burlap Christmas Trees.
Here’s the final product:
If I were displaying them around the home, I would probably sit them on top of wine or champagne glasses at varying heights, but for now, they are just sitting on the table.
To make, they are really simple. Take a large sheet of cardboard (I used old manilla folders) and roll them around using one corner as the point to form a cone shape.
Sticky tape the cone shape to hold in place, and trim the bottom with scissors so it is level.
Paint the cone with PVA glue. Lay on a corner of Burlap and roll to cover. Overlap the end about 1 cm then trim the burlap. You will need to apply more PVA to the Burlap where it overlaps so it sticks together.
Trim the Burlap at the top and then the bottom leaving a 2cm edge at the bottom. Then apply more PVA glue around the inside bottom edge and fold in the Burlap and glue down.
Once dry, you can then embellish with ribbons, sequins and beads using a hot glue gun to apply them.
As Burlap comes in so many great colours, you can make trees to suit any colour scheme. And the best part is how affordable they are. So if your celebrating Christmas in July, get busy with these Burlap Trees for your centrepiece, or you may like to get an early start on some fresh decorations for this Christmas.
Next week I’ll show you my funky fashion, wearable art entry.

Lorax themed 5th Birthday Party – A Burlap Picnic in the Park

As I said April is birthday month in our house, so I thought I would share with you some of the highlights of my 5 year olds Lorax themed birthday party.

We had the party in the park after school. Before the children arrived we set up some tables for food and party bag goodies. We also set up a large picnic rug for the kids to enjoy their afternoon tea on. As usual Burlap abounds in our house, so we recycled the Burlap we used for the smash cake back drop the week before, and laid it down as the picnic area. Then created a table runner out of another length of printed burlap with a crazy red chevron print which looked like a graphic from a Dr Seuss Book! We also hung tissue paper pompoms from the tree over the picnic area.

The food table was set up with Barbarloot bears (Tiny Teddies cookies in individual packets), Barbarloot snacks (Marshmallows), Traffula trunks (Musk sticks) and Traffula Trees (fresh pineapple, watermelon and kiwi fruit, cut into circles and mounted on kebab sticks and inserted into a paper covered polystyrene base.

We then played pass the parcel (with the soundtrack from the Lorax movie), and each layer of the parcel had three bean seeds. Once a child got their bean seeds they then went over the the party bag table and planted their seeds by filling a plastic cup with potting mix. They then had the opportunity to ‘Adopt a Lorax’ which was a grasshead that I had made and stuck on some eyes and then cut a Lorax moustache from felt and stuck it on. They could also choose a traffula tree, which was a pencil with coloured felting wool stuck to the end with PVA glue. And they got a small packet of ‘Edible Traffula Seeds’ which was 8 Jelly Beans in a small plastic bag.

We then cut the cake which was a simple green iced vanilla cake. Just before lighting the candles we put Fairy Floss tufts on the end of Lollipop sticks and stuck them in the cake to create a Traffula forest.

Overall the kids had a great time. The parents loved the party. And the kids had an ongoing reminder of the party whilst they watched their grassheads and bean plants grow. Parents are still commenting to me two weeks later about how their kids check the grassheads and beans every morning.

It was a really cost effective party as I didn’t buy lots of lollies or nic naks for the party bags, just a few items to create the traffula pencils, grassheads and bean seeds. There were 30 kids at the party and I only used 2 packets of jellybeans for the lollybags.

I find with kids parties (and believe me I have done more that the average mum in my previous life as a Indoor Play centre owner, over 300), that creativity will win over budget every time. You don’t have to spend a fortune on jumping castles and caterers to have an awesome party. Just pick a theme and spend some time thinking about how you can bring that theme to life. I guarantee you will have a rockin party that the kids remember for a long time to come!

And of course – use Burlap wherever possible:).

Burlap Christmas Gift Tags

Things have been a little slow on the blogging front lately as all my attention has been turned to my new studio. Hopefully, all fingers crossed, it will be ready for Christmas and be the best Christmas present ever!
So my Burlap adventures have been curbed somewhat, however I couldn’t resist a little burlap for Christmas.
This year I decided to go with brown paper packaging tied up with string (these are a few of my favourite things!). So for the gift tags I made some simple Burlap tags.
Here’s the how to:
Cover a piece of A4 cardboard with spray adhesive and lay your burlap over the top. I then placed a piece of baking paper over the top and weighted the burlap down to make sure it sticks. I used a box of champagne bottles – after all it is Christmas time!


Once stuck down (about 15 minutes) I then trimmed the Burlap from the edges of the card and put the card into the guillotine and cut various random squares and rectangle. You could make them all even if you wanted to measure, but I think random adds to the charm.

I then took a stamp pad and red ink and stamped some stars and the word Joy on the burlap side of the tags. I also cut some stars from red burlap and using the spray adhesive, sprayed the stars and stuck on the tags. The stars also need to be weighted down.
Finally hole punch each tag and tie onto your presents.
Simple and beautiful.

Strawberry Basket the Prefect table centrepiece

Strawberry Burlap Basket

The boys have been begging me to go to the local Strawberry Farm to pick their own strawberries. We went last year and they had such a great time, they have been waiting patiently for strawberry season to start. 

This way!

So Sunday morning (the first picking weekend of the season) we headed off to Eumundi Strawberries for a spot of hunting and gathering.

The boys on the Hunt!

The boys were very proud of their loot and keen to show it off. Later that day we had been invited to an early dinner, so I thought the perfect thank you gift for our hostess would be a Burlap Basket of hand picked Strawberries.

Strawberry fields forever!

It took about 5 minutes to make, and once filled with the mornings gatherings looked simply stunning. We took it with us and presented to our hostess who put it in the center of the table for dinner. It looked splendid and what’s more provided a healthy treat for the kids after dinner (by the time we left the basket was empty!).

So a quick how to for the perfect hostess gift and table centerpiece:

1. Cut a rectangle of Burlap 16 inches by 8 inches.

Cut to size

2. Fold over each short end (right sides together) 1cm and stitch with a zigzag stitch to secure.

Fold over each short end and stitch in place

3. Fold rectangle in half and stitch down each side (leaving hemmed short side open). Be sure to use a zigzag stitch to minimise fraying later.

4. Now flatten out the side seam and stitch across the base on the diagonal (see photo for description), about 3 cm from corner at widest point. Again use a zigzag stitch and then again with a straight stitch inside zigzag closest to the bag centre. Cut off corner near zigzag line.

Sew across corners

Cut of the ends

5. Repeat step 4 on other side of bag.
6. Turn bag right side out.
7. Roll down top of bag twice.
8. Fill with strawberries! (Or any other home grown or hand picked fruit).

The perfect hostess gift and table centrepiece.

This makes a beautiful table centerpiece for a Sunday lunch – with the strawberries also functioning as dessert. It would also make a great Christmas center piece filled with cherries or plums too.

So easy, so cheap and so effective. You’ve gotta love Burlap!