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Aqua and Cream Burlap Tote for handmade swap

It’s swap time again and this time my recipient had Aqua and White as her favourite colours. Luckily I had just the perfect printed burlap to make her a gorgeous tote for summer.I was in such a hurry to get it made and sent out, that I completely forgot to take photos along the way. So I will make another one soon and post the tutorial then.Printed burlap is such a great way to add wow to a simple burlap tote. There are so many designs available in printed burlap in the major fabric stores at the moment I would highly recommend experimenting with it to create a perfect summer beach tote!

I hope Jo enjoys her new tote as much as I enjoyed making it!

A Very Special Mothers Day Memory Quilt

It was Mothers Day here in Australia about four weeks ago. And this Mothers Day I was actually ready and waiting with my handmade present for my Mum on the day! It’s taken about 2 years to make, but worth every minute.

My grandmother passed away about 2 years ago, and I managed to keep a few of her favourite pieces of clothing. I then re purposed these into a beautiful quilt for my Mother for Mothers Day this year. It was a double whammy gift for her as it was from her daughter as well as her Mother which was really special.

First I sorted all the clothes by colour palate and chose a selection of garments that were in similar tones. I then cut a lot (63 to be exact) of 10 inch squares and some 5 inch squares. I sewed the 5 inch squares into groups of 4 to make 10 inch squares.

I then joined the squares, 7 squares wide and 9 squares long, a total of 63 (10 inch squares) in total. I used a wool batting and a flannel backing and tied the quilt at 4 inch intervals with wool. I then bound the quilt with bias binding.

The quilt is a single bed size, but would also look great as a splash of colour across the bottom of a king size bed.

My Mum was thrilled with the quilt. I think she appreciated the use of her Mums clothes in a very practical way that can serve as a constant reminder of her Mum. My kids loved cuddling up it and agreed it felt like a hug from their Great Grandma which was also really lovely.

So next a close friend or loved one passes away, before you donate all those clothes to charity, consider saving a few pieces to make a beautiful quilt that will honour their memory for years to come. It can make a really personal and sentimental gift for a grieving loved one.

Bendable Burlap Flowers

Well it’s been almost 4 weeks now since our phone line went down, and our Telco has just fixed it. No phone line, no broadband, no blogging. So in lieu of being able to blog I have spent some time recently in the studio creating numerous things which I will share with you over the coming weeks.But to get things up and running again I would like to share with you these gorgeous bendable Burlap Flowers I found on Hani’s Blog (before loss of Internet connection!).

Hani over at Craftionary created these beautiful Burlap Flowers. The great thing is, she has used wire to give them structure so you can bend them into all sorts of realistic positions. If you want to get the low down on how to make these gorgeous flowers head over to Craftionary where Hani shares a really simple step step guide on how to create these gorgeous flowers.

Her cousin has used them to decorate a wreath, which looks fabulous. I’m also thinking unique wedding bouquet. So many uses for these flowers!

Burlap Wrapped Mason Jars great gift for Valentines, Mothers Day, Easter

These Burlap wrapped and stencilled mason jars were originally created for Valentines Day, but would be easy to adapt and use for Mothers Day, Easter or any other event.

Janis from Rust blog posted a great tutorial on how to create these gorgeous jars for Valentines Day. But I think they are too cute to save for Valentines and should be given more frequently throughout the year, so use your imagination and add and image or saying you like to create a special gift year round.

To get the low down on the ‘how to’ visit Janis’ blog Rust for the full tutorial, it’s super simple and makes for a fabulous last minute gift idea. Thankyou Janis for sharing such and adorable idea with us all!

Burlap Doorstop Pattern and Instructions – a gift for someone with everything

A great idea for a fast, easy and cost effective gift is a Burlap Door Stop. Last week was my Mothers Birthday, and the problem I have every year is what do you buy for someone who has everything? So usually I end up making some unique creation which I know she can’t buy anywhere else. So this year I decided to give her a Burlap Door Stop perfect to use for the doors opening to her newly rennovated outdoor room.

The Finished Door Stop

Here’s how I made it.


Contrasting Fabric (I used an upolstery remant, but cotton or polyester would also work well)
Ribbon for tag
Ziplock Bag
General Sewing Supplies

First I created my pattern by drawing a 15cm by 15cm square for the base. I cut two of these out of Burlap as I wanted the base to have extra reinforcement so it is two layers. Then I drew a horizontal line 15cm long. Then at the midpoint (7.5cm) I drew a vertical line 15cm long. And then joined the top midpoint to the two edges of the horizontal line to form a triangle. This sounds more complicated than it is – see photo for example.

I then cut two triangles out of Burlap and two out of Cotton.

Final Cut pieces

To assemble I first pinned each of the triangles to one edge of the (double layer) Burlap square, and stitched in place.

Stitching each of the triangles around the four sides of the square

Then opening out the triangles, I then joined the long edges of the triangles together. To do this fold the square in half to form a triangle shape, and align two edges of the triangles. Stitch in place. Do this for three sides leaving the fourth side open.

Lining up the triangle edges ready for stitching

I also inserted a tag to make it easier to pick up the Door Stop. To this I folded 10cm of ribbon in half and inserted in between the two edges of one side of the triangles, so the ribbon fold was inside the triangle, before I stitched in place.

Inserting the tag – I have folded back the hessian layer on top to show how the tag is inserted between the two layers

Then I turned the door stop right way out and inserted a zip lock bag full of sand.

With bag of sand inserted now align edges and slip stitch closed

I then folded in the side seams and slip stitched in place with a needle and thread.

I then gift wrapped it ready for Mum for her Birthday. An easy and original gift that I know she won’t already have.

If you would like to watch a video to guide you with the step by step instructions on how to make your own Burlap Bag Door Stop then follow this link: