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Last minute St Patricks Day gift for the boys from a Leprechaun!

This is a great last minute St Patrick’s Day gift that is quick and easy to make.

My boys are now 7 and 5 and I thought this year it would be nice for them to celebrate a bit of their heritage with St Patrick’s Day. They are also old enough to start to understand where they come from and the concept of generations past. So I thought why not surprise them this year with a gift from a Leprechaun to get into the St Pats spirit!

I plan on leaving this Pot of Gold on the front steps St Patrick’s Day morning.

It’s super easy. I just cut a length of Burlap long enough to go around a mason jar. I use foam stamps from the dollar store and green acrylic paint to stamp ‘Pot of Gold’ on the burlap. Once dry I used a hot glue gun to stick the ends of the burlap together at the back of the jar.

Then I filled the jar with gold coin chocolates.

For the top I made a Leprechaun Hat from black felt. I cut a circle the same size as the lid of the mason jar. Then I cut a rectangle of felt 10cm x 4cm and rolled it into a tube and hot glued it together. I then glued this tube to a square of felt just larger than the tube and then the other end of the tube onto the large circle. Once dry I trimmed the square to the circumference of the tube.

Then I choose a small gold button I had (appropriately with a clover leaf – unfortunately not four leaf though!) and glued it onto the felt hat. I then glued the hat onto the top of the mason jar.

I think the boys will be thrilled with their gift from the Leprechaun on Sunday! It’s not too late to make one of these for your kids or neighbours.

St Patricks Day Burlap Shamrock Bunting

Inspired by last weeks post, where I featured a paper shamrock bunting for St Patricks Day from Lolly Jane blog, I thought I would create a Burlap version.

Armed with Burlap, Potatoes, Paint and a Knife I set to work.

First I cut 14 rectangles of Burlap 15cm x 20cm. To do this quickly I folded the Burlap over 15cm wide four times, then using a rotary cuter, I cut off the folded edges then cut the long strips into 20cm lengths.

Then I folded over one 15cm edge 1cm then over again another 2 cm to create the sleeve to thread the hanging string through. I stitched this in place using a wide zigzag stitch.

I then also stitched around the whole perimeter of each rectangle about 1cm from the edge to prevent unwanted fraying.

Time for potato printing! Believe me, this was not as easy as I remembered from kindergarten! After several attempts at a shamrock carving, I gave up in frustration. My husband tried to diffuse my frustration by carving me a heart, little did he know that his peace offering was actually exactly what I needed. I used the heart stamp four times to make a shamrock. Take it from me carving one heart shape in the potato is far easy than one whole shamrock – but it’s your choice which way you go. I just used a green acrylic paint as I don’t plan on ever washing the Bunting.

Once the paint was dry I then removed threads outside this 1cm edge stitch to create the frayed edges.
It was a perfect excuse to use my new linen string. I was given the most beautiful linen string on a spinning dispenser this Christmas, and this was the perfect project to christen it! If you don’t have linen string, don’t worry you can just use normal jute string instead. 

I used a really big needle with a wide eye (hole that you put the thread through) to thread the string through easy rectangle.

And that’s it – a really cost effective and simple to make St Patricks Day Bunting.

How are you decorating at your house for St Patricks Day – please share with us.

Burlap Doily Bunting

A great tutorial on a really easy to making Burlap Bunting.Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane blog have created the most darling Burlap Bunting I have ever seen. I just had to share it with you. I wish I had a little girls room to decorate….

Pop on over to Lolly Jane to get the full details on the ‘how to’ create this really sweet bunting. It’s really simple but oh so effective. Be sure to browse around whilst your there, these ladies are really talented!

Whilst I was there I noticed they have also created a special St Patricks Day bunting!

I think by combing the technique of the doily bunting with the design of the St Patricks Day one, you would end up with the perfect St Patricks Day decoration. So with St Patricks Day just around the corner on March 17th, this could be the perfect St Patricks Day craft to create a very simple but effective St Patricks Day decorations. I think I’ve found my St Patricks Day decoration for 2013.

I will post my results shortly.