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10 Fun Facts about Burlap

Today, I thought I would share with you some little know but interesting facts about Burlap.
  1.   It originated from India which it was used for rope and paper production
  2.  The English brought it to Britain where the Scottish first spun it into yarn
  3. Bangladesh and India are the worlds largest producers of Burlap, closely followed by China, Myanmar, Brazil and Thailand
  4. Burlap was traditionally used as backing for carpet and linoleum
  5. Burlap is resistant to condensation and that is why it is used as shipping sacks for produce
  6. Burlap’s durable qualities make it suitable for varied uses such as erosion protection, sandbags, seedling protection and weed matting
  7. Burlap is often used in the furniture industry to give support inside couches and chairs
  8. Burlap was commonly used to camouflage helmets in World War II
  9.  Burlap is often used as a mask in Horror movies
  10.  Burlap is now very popular in interior design.

I would love to hear any quirky facts about Burlap that you may know. Please leave me a comment if you know if any other Burlap trivia.

Aqua and Cream Burlap Tote for handmade swap

It’s swap time again and this time my recipient had Aqua and White as her favourite colours. Luckily I had just the perfect printed burlap to make her a gorgeous tote for summer.I was in such a hurry to get it made and sent out, that I completely forgot to take photos along the way. So I will make another one soon and post the tutorial then.Printed burlap is such a great way to add wow to a simple burlap tote. There are so many designs available in printed burlap in the major fabric stores at the moment I would highly recommend experimenting with it to create a perfect summer beach tote!

I hope Jo enjoys her new tote as much as I enjoyed making it!

Burlap and Lace Table Mats make Perfect Wedding or High Tea Decor

Burlap and Weddings just seem synonymous these days! Burlap just lends itself so well to wedding decor as it is a perfect pairing for white.Kelly over at Boho Weddings recently featured a tutorial by Becki (a self confessed Boho Bride) for these gorgeous table centrepiece mats.

The table mats are made from Burlap and Lace and are so simple to make. To see the tutorial head over to Boho Weddings where Becki shows you the easy step by step instructions.

They are so simple and yet so beautiful. I think they would be lovely on wedding tables but also for a special high tea or baby shower as well. If you need an elegant touch for your table decor these table mats are perfect.

Cutest Burlap Christmas Sacks Ever!!

OMG! I am in love! Just found these on the harrow and green website. The cutest ever personalised Burlap Christmas Sacks.

They come in four different designs and can be personalised with your childs name on them. I just love them and must have one for each of my boys!

Still some convincing needed for my husband to purchase them though – maybe my three will have a Burlap Bag Lady version instead! Stay tuned…

Burlap goes High Fashion

I knew I wasn’t going crazy when I decided to create a blog dedicated to the wonder, charm and versatility of the Burlap Sack! Here is proof that the Burlap Bag can be chic and fashionable.Look what’s just hit the catwalks this week from D&G as part of their Spring 2013 collection…….

This is amazing, and takes Burlap to a whole new level. If I had the body, I would whip one up for myself. I think this one is more my style…more forgiving!

(The bottom middle one I mean, not bottom right!)
Just shows what a little creativity and an old Burlap Sack can do! If it’s good enough for fashion house Dolce and Gabbana – then it’s good enough for me. I feel inspired – off to the studio!

How to Grow a Sack of Potatoes

– Literally!    Even if you live in a tiny apartment.

If you’ve ever grown your own potatoes you would be familiar with the great potato hunt that occurs at the end of each crop! For those of you that haven’t, I’ll explain. Potato’s grow as a plant that comes out of the ground, whilst under the ground the potatoes are forming. The potatoes are ready when the plant dies off. The problem is you then have to find the potatoes by randomly digging through the ground around the plant. This is relatively easy for a potato farmer with a tractor but not so easy for the home gardener.

But I have a Burlap solution of course!
Growing your own potato plant inside a burlap sack makes the process of retrieving your loot of potatoes really easy because you know that all your potatoes will be contained within the sack. It is a great project for kids, and non gardeners as well, as it is very straightforward and low maintenance. Plus it looks fabulous in any garden or deck and also makes the perfect apartment garden.
So to grow your own Sack Full of Potatoes follow these easy steps:

What you will need:
  • Store bought potato
  • Burlap sack
  • Potting Mix
  1. Take a store bought potato and leave it in the sun for a few weeks. It will start to sprout roots and when it does it is ready to plant.
  2. Take your Burlap sack and roll down the edges of the sack so it is about a quarter of it’s normal height. 
  3. Fill the sack with potting mix.
  4. Place the sprouting potato in the potting mix so that it has just a sprinkle of potting mix covering it. 
  5. As the plant grows upwards, gradually roll up the edges of the sack and add more potting mix, leaving the top leaves of the plant exposed at all times. Continue this process over the next few weeks until the plant dies off.
  6. Once the plant dies off, your potatoes are ready to harvest. Simply roll down the edges of the sack and brush away the soil to reveal your potatoes. This way you know you will find every potato and there won’t be any hard laborious digging in hard soil.
  7. Make sure you collect the potting mix and store it for next time.
Place potato in potting mix and cover with a light sprinkle of potting mix
Place in a sunny spot
Give it a try and you’ll be growing sack full of potatoes in no time! 

Inspiration all around – inspiring ideas for using burlap

Love, Love, Love this cushion!

It seems retail therapy is the flavour of the month this month. I think with the kids on school holidays I actually have some time (even though it is usually 5 minutes with a bribe to the video store to follow) to visit all the beautiful homewares stores we are lucky to have in Noosa.

Last week I popped into Eclectic Style in Noosaville and was surprised to find a large range of Burlap items scattered through their shelves. It appears that Burlap is more in fashion 
than ever. A return to a simple design aesthetic has increased the popularity of Burlap in recent years particularly in the home decoration area.

Anyway here are a few of the treasures I came across.

Twine Balls – ohh it’s the simple things in life

Burlap always looks so comforting. It’s organic character seems to add dimensions to even the most basic design.

Herringbone and Hessian – Bliss!
Burlap and it’s cousin jute

An interior decorated with Burlap will always have such charm!

This would make an awesome toy box for the living room

So much inspiration, so little time!

Love the extra border on this cushion
Finally the perfect Beach Bag!

No doubt these ideas will filter through my brain and come out over the next few months as sewing projects. So stay tuned! Or if you can’t wait pop into Eclectic Style in Thomas St Noosaville to pick up a few Burlap treasures of your own!