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Even the Chickens are Crazy about Burlap – a perfect laying bed!

In the June school holidays the boys convinced me to get some Chickens. We bought 4 Black Chickens from our local produce store all 5 weeks old. We had had chickens about 2 years ago so we already a hutch fitted out with 6 laying cabins which we thought would make a perfect home.
The chickens however had other ideas and since they were about 12 weeks old have continued to fly over the 6 ft fence everyday to explore the backyard. So we soon gave up on the fence concept and left the gate open so they could come and go as they pleased.

Anyway after several months of waiting for eggs we had come to the conclusion that they must be laying them in the garden somewhere. They boys and I have repeatedly searched every bush and garden bed in search of the eggs with no luck.

They are a friendly bunch of chickens and regularly come up into the house looking for food. So last week when my Mother in Law mentioned there was one on the back table I didn’t think anything of it.
Later that day we noticed there was an egg on the table. Hooray finally our first egg!!

What was even funnier, was that I had recently been cutting Burlap for a sewing project and got distracted. So I had left the Burlap in a pile on the table. They chicken obviously thought that was the perfect place for her first egg and laid it right on top of the Burlap!

Two days later she returned and laid another one. So we left it there thinking the others might get the hint, and sure enough two days later we were rewarded with another 2 eggs!

So if your looking for something to line you laying areas with, I highly recommend Burlap. It’s a natural fibre, and nice and soft, making it the perfect lining.

We have now replaced the Burlap pile with a small container filled with some Burlap. This way slowly over time we can move them further away from the house. But for now we are enjoying free eggs delivered daily to our back door table!

Sweetest Burlap Ring Cushion

I don’t know why, but lately I seem to noticing the coolest DIY Burlap Projects for Weddings! I wish I had of seen them before I got married, I would have had a Burlap Wedding for sure.

Anyway, browsing out there in the Internet this week I noticed this great little DIY tutorial from Ruffled for this gorgeous Burlap Ring Pillow. Click the link to see the full DIY tutorial.

Isn’t it just the cutest thing?

I would love to hear about any other cute Burlap Wedding Ideas you may have and feature them on this blog. Leave a comment with your ideas. 

Burlap Shearers Moccasins

The Petting Zoo

I was surprised to learn recently of Burlap being used for shoes. Whilst still at the local country show held in Brisbane – the Ekka, we went to the Petting Zoo for the boys to feed and cuddle the Baby Animals. Upon exiting the petting zoo we ended up at a stage decorated with Burlap sacks, so of course it immediately caught my eye!

Shearing Presentation Stage

We noticed the presentation was about to start so we decided to sit down and rest out feet for a while. The presentation was about wool and the shearing industry. A shearer came on stage and demonstrated how to shear a sheep and prepare the fleece for bailing. The children were quite enthralled with the whole process.

But what I found most interesting was that shearers wear a special type of footwear called a ‘Shearer’s Moccasin’. These are made out of soft leather and help the shearer to slide across the ‘boards’ of the shearing shed floor. In days gone by, shearers would make these themselves out of burlap sacks. They would cut up the wool bales and make them into moccasins so they could move around the shed floor easier. I am constantly surprised the history and versatility of the humble Burlap Sack. So many uses and so little credit!

Explaining the History of Shearers Moccasins

P.S. If any of you happen to have a photo of any old Shearer’s moccasin’s made from Burlap I would love to see it.

Strawberry Basket the Prefect table centrepiece

Strawberry Burlap Basket

The boys have been begging me to go to the local Strawberry Farm to pick their own strawberries. We went last year and they had such a great time, they have been waiting patiently for strawberry season to start. 

This way!

So Sunday morning (the first picking weekend of the season) we headed off to Eumundi Strawberries for a spot of hunting and gathering.

The boys on the Hunt!

The boys were very proud of their loot and keen to show it off. Later that day we had been invited to an early dinner, so I thought the perfect thank you gift for our hostess would be a Burlap Basket of hand picked Strawberries.

Strawberry fields forever!

It took about 5 minutes to make, and once filled with the mornings gatherings looked simply stunning. We took it with us and presented to our hostess who put it in the center of the table for dinner. It looked splendid and what’s more provided a healthy treat for the kids after dinner (by the time we left the basket was empty!).

So a quick how to for the perfect hostess gift and table centerpiece:

1. Cut a rectangle of Burlap 16 inches by 8 inches.

Cut to size

2. Fold over each short end (right sides together) 1cm and stitch with a zigzag stitch to secure.

Fold over each short end and stitch in place

3. Fold rectangle in half and stitch down each side (leaving hemmed short side open). Be sure to use a zigzag stitch to minimise fraying later.

4. Now flatten out the side seam and stitch across the base on the diagonal (see photo for description), about 3 cm from corner at widest point. Again use a zigzag stitch and then again with a straight stitch inside zigzag closest to the bag centre. Cut off corner near zigzag line.

Sew across corners

Cut of the ends

5. Repeat step 4 on other side of bag.
6. Turn bag right side out.
7. Roll down top of bag twice.
8. Fill with strawberries! (Or any other home grown or hand picked fruit).

The perfect hostess gift and table centrepiece.

This makes a beautiful table centerpiece for a Sunday lunch – with the strawberries also functioning as dessert. It would also make a great Christmas center piece filled with cherries or plums too.

So easy, so cheap and so effective. You’ve gotta love Burlap!